Our Story

ISE Group

Was founded as a family company by Israfil, Sudaba and Emil Aliyevs in 2018. Considering the founders’ 14-years career in Risk Management as Chief Executive Officer of Top International Organizations & Companies, they obtained great experience and successfully built “ISE Group” companies, acting in 3 different fields as:

1) Hospitality Management - ISE Group has a professional international team with international experience dealing in risk management of manufacturing & hospitality. We opened and managed “As Stretch” (plastic cups manufacture) LLC, “ Mountains” boutique hotel branded as a local hotel in Guba, Khinaliq and one more boutique hotel in Gachrash, Guba which scheduled to open in early 2019.

2) Art - Being constantly interested in Social projects “ISE Group” has started supporting disabled young artists and assisting them in their online sales. We provide our international relations & online platform for local artist selling their pictures, carpets, sculptures and etc inside & outside the country.

3) Health – one of important fields for humanity is medical supplements. Considering daily needs in vitamins & immune system support, we made a wide search and discovered new direction for us – bioactive supplements. Now we are the representative of Ukrainian “Galen” scientific laboratory for Azerbaijan. We recognize that the dynamics of each hotel project and the motivations of each hotel owner are unique. We offer a level of focus and engagement that is unsurpassed, allowing us to identify and adapt to opportunities and market forces faster and more efficiently than our competition. Our culture of service extends not only to our guests and hotel associates but to our owners, investors, and lenders as well. Building relationships up and down the ladder is a cornerstone of our success.

ISE Group is actively seeking to expand portfolio of hotels and hotel brands in Baku and the other regions of Azerbaijan. We provide management services, equity investment, and hotel development services. We take great pride in our track record of superior performance, profit maximization, and asset appreciation.